Private Lessons

40 minutes lesson

Lesson Content:

In this course, we will learn how to create sentence patterns and conjugation forms for daily Japanese conversation skills.

We will practice with textbooks and build grammar through speech and listening skills, so your overall Japanese skills will most certainly improve.

These lessons are recommended for those who can fit the time into their own schedules and want to study Japanese at their own pace.

The EMZ Japanese lesson is guaranteed to improve your Japanese ability!

Beginner Group Lesson

60 minutes lesson

Lesson Content:

Group lessons consist of two to four students per class. These lessons put an emphasis on improving Japanese speaking and vocabulary skills. You will focus on conversation as well as reading and writing.

These lessons consist of using real-life situations that may occur in your daily life and work life in Japan. You will be able to accommodate shopping, make reservations, make phone calls, and ask for directions in no time.

You can have fun in these group lessons while learning daily Japanese conversation skills!

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Course

Lesson Content:

We provide JLPT Preparation Courses to ensure you can build the skills in a short amount of time for the JLPT offered every July and December.

Not only will you practice past questions on "characters, vocabulary, grammar", "reading comprehension" and "listening comprehension," but you'll also acquire better problem solving techniques.

Whether you've passed the JLPT can prove to be advantageous for when you're looking for a job in Japan. Why not challenge yourself?

N1 900 learing hours about 2,000 Kanji characters 10,000 words
N2 600 learing hours about 1,000 Kanji characters 6,000 words
N3 450 learing hours about 650 Kanji characters 3,500 words
N4 300 learing hours about 300 Kanji characters 1,500 words
N5 150 learing hours about 100 Kanji characters 800 words

Kanji Course

Lesson Content:

There are many people who've lived in Japan for a while and have the ability to engage in basic conversation, but still have trouble getting used to the writing systems (hiragana, katakana, and kanji). So by studying kanji little by little in this kanji course, you can get used to writing!

In the beginning, you will learn about the origins and basics of kanji.

Feeling like you aren't good at kanji and thinking "kanji is difficult!" is very common for most people. As a class, everyone will figure out how many strokes each character has and how to begin writing a character, first, by writing in the air and then writing on paper.

Let's learn kanji one by one while enjoying the lesson!

Online Japanese Lessons

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Lesson Content:

You can take Japanese lessons via Skype from a professional Japanese instructor!

These lessons are available from your home, cafes, or even during an outing as long as you have some free time.

There is a wide range of lessons, from introductory to business-level Japanese.

We can make effective lessons plans that match your wants and needs!